An Outline History of Divine Peace


January 1967                     A request was made to the District Mission Board that the Renton area be explored as a possible mission field.

January 31, 1967              An initial canvass of the Cascade Vista area by local pastors.

March 5, 1967                   First service conducted at Renton Park Elementary School by Pastor Paul Pankow at 9:00am. Exploratory services were continued, Pastors Pankow and
     David Bode alternating in conducting these services. Attendance fluctuated between ten and twenty.

April 2, 1967                       First Sunday School session held.

October 8, 1967                Pastor Warren Widmann, District Missionary, installed to lay the ground word for this mission.

November 5, 1967            Divine Peace chosen as the name of this mission.

January 1968                     The quest for land begun. A parcel of land was found, and, upon the approval of the congregation and the District Mission Board, a request for purchase of
     this land was sent to Synod headquarters in Milwaukee, WI.

April 1968                           Request returned but was not accepted by the sellers. A loan from Synod for the construction of a first unit was requested. The request was denied.

May 26, 1968                     Proposed constitution accepted by the voting members.

June 23, 1968                     Organization Sunday. At this time, the membership numbered 15 communicants and 22 souls. The first Church Council was elected.

August, 1968                      A second request for the purchase of the property was sent in.

October, 1968                    Request for the loan was repeated. Divine Peace placed on Approved Waiting List.

December 8, 1968             Paul Albrecht installed as pastor of Divine Peace.

February, 1969                  Property purchased for $28,200

May, 1970                          Green light given to proceed with Chapel plans

July, 1970                            Land cleared

August 2, 1970                   Groundbreaking Service

September 2, 1970           First bids opened. Since all came in over the allocation, none were accepted. Negotiations were carried on with two contractors on a revised plan.

March 4, 1971                   Contract with Torbenson Construction Co. signed by Rev. H.E. Eckert, Executive Secretary, Board of Trustees. Contract price - $53,106.

July 4, 1971                        First service held in the fellowship area of the building

August 8, 1971                  Dedication Day