We are not robots.

We are not perfect. 

We are sinners unworthy to be called children of God. 

We are loved by God so much that he gave his only Son to walk in our shoes, die our death of sin, and rise again so we may live forever. 

We love the Lord our  God and seek his grace to honor him with our lives. We fall short every day and so reach out to him and pray, "Have mercy on us, O Lord." Whatever we achieve in this world we owe to him. We are grateful for our health, family and friends, and church.

Divine Peace is a family; we are not strangers to each other but brother and sister. We mourn with those who mourn and rejoice with those who rejoice. 

We commit our lives to doing the will of our God - walking in the path of his holy commands, showing mercy, and sharing the good news of salvation to as many as we can.  

We are part of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod - that's a mouthful! This is a worldwide body of believers committed to making disciples of all nations by teaching the Word - especially the truth that God regards us as righteous in his sight through faith in his Son. What good news! We don't have to save ourselves; we can't. It's all been done for us by Jesus Christ. He gives us forgiveness, a clean conscience, and the right to stand before God acceptable to him, even invited into his presence in heaven!

We invite you to join us in worshiping the Lord and sharing in his goodness and grace.